CHS Covid-19 Family Trivia night. Monday's at 9 pm. To join click HERE

CHS Covid Memo - May 12

Please view information related to locker pickup (Thursday, May 14) and other important notes by clicking here.

NLESD offers guidance support for students.

The School district has offered to provide guidance support through online Social Emotional Learning Sessions. To receive further information click here

Message for 2020 Graduates from Mr. Davidson

CHS principal, Mr. Davidson, recorded a message for graduates as they prepare to celebrate their prom day via distance this weekend. Click below to watch.

Message from parents of the class of 2020

On Saturday, May 9th the graduates of Clarenville High School would have been celebrating their graduation day. While they are not able to celebrate right now the way they had planned, the parents of the class of 2020 are asking the community to show your support to help honour our graduates.

How can you show your support on May 9th?

  • decorate the inside of your home
  • create a poster for your window or door
  • honk your horn as you drive by the house of a graduate
  • send a message to a graduate to acknowledge their success

Thank you from the parents of the class of 2020

School Information: COVID-19 Coronavirus, May 1

Please click on the link HERE to view the latest school update. Go Cougars

Clarenville Canadian Tire supports CHS learning Center

We look like to send a huge Cougar shout out to Mathieu Gauthier at Canadian Tire for donating two smart tv's. The televisions will be used to create two more huddle stations in our newly designed commons room. Thank-you Canadian Tire!

School Information: COVID-19 Coronavirus, April 7th

Hey students, I have posted the latest information below. If you have any questions feel free to email me any time at:

  • If you are failing a course you should have received contact from your teacher. If you have not, email them as soon as you can. We want to make sure you have an opportunity to improve your grades and be successful in all your courses.
  • Many of you have been interested in continuing your learning. Teachers will not require anyone to continue with their courses. However, if you want to continue your learning in an effort to prepare yourself for post-secondary, prerequisite courses, etc. your teacher will help you.
  • Career Ed. Volunteer hours - The Department of Education has waived the career education hours requirement for LEVEL 3 students. Sorry grade eleven's you will have to do it next year. :)
  • ALL students are able to access a variety of CDLI resources to help with their learning. To learn how to access the resources, please navigate to the CDLI website at It's awesome!
  • The District has launched a NL Guidance Service in an effort to ensure that all students have access to a qualified School Counselor during this time. They have established a volunteer team of counselors from across the district who will: ● Provide confidential, individual counselling services via telephone during school hours (9:00 am - 3:00pm NST Monday to Friday); and ● Make referrals to community agencies as necessary and appropriate. Click on the link to view further information: NL Guidance Information
  • CDLI (math 3208) Students - your teachers will be in contact via BrightSpace email and/or messages within BrightSpace. Please check your CDLI BrightSpace email or course homepage for updates.

School Information: COVID-19 Coronavirus, April 4th

Hello Students and Parents, we have just received information concerning credits and continued education. You may read the latest message from the school district by clicking on the link below. I'm sure there will be many questions over the next few days. Feel free to contact me at and I will do what I can to help/clarify. Stay safe everyone. Mr. Spurrell

Message from Tony Stack, CEO/Director of Education

SRC Activities

Hey Everyone, your Student Council have plan a number of activities and spirit days to keep you busy and CONNECTED! Check it out on their Instagram account chs.src

Google Classroom Codes

Many of your teachers have been contacting students through google classroom. If you are missing a google classroom sign in code, click here.

School Information: COVID-19 Coronavirus, March 23rd

Hi students and parents, here are a few of the most recent updates. If you need anything or have questions feel free to email me,

  • Access to school has been limited to caretakers and administrators. All student lockers have been cleaned and the contents have been labelled and stored safely. If there are any items you need due to an emergency please email me.
  • Presently there's no information regarding collecting or returning textbooks. If you have a text at home please hold on to it until we receive further direction.
  • On a positive note, we have donated 58 cases of juice and 10 large boxes of bagels to the local food bank!
  • I am expecting to receive information regarding course work and grades later this week. Please understand that this is a very complex issue. The Newfoundland Department of Education/ School District has to consider graduation requirements, credits, accommodations, scholarships and post secondary entrance requirements.

Presently, the Newfoundland and Labrador English School District is launching a resource to assist and guide families with continued learning opportunities while in-school instruction remains suspended. The resource, Learning at Home: Good at Learning-Good at Life ( is a Google site, a platform familiar to our students and staff. The site will provide opportunities to foster a passion for learning through engaging online and offline adventures and activities.

For now, there is no expectation for families to be teachers and there is no expectation for teachers to assign grades or values to any work students complete while they are at home. However, students are encouraged to share their learning and routines with their teachers for feedback.

Take Care,

Mr. Spurrell

School Information: COVID-19 coronavirus, March 19th

Please click on the link below to access the latest information from our Director of Education, Mr. Tony Stack. If you have any further questions feel free to contact any of your teachers or administrators through email. Thanks

Message to Families

Pi Day - March 3rd

Lot's of excitement at CHS this week as teachers and students celebrated Mathematics. Shout out to our organizers, Ms. Pond, Mr. O'Rielly, Mrs. Organ and Ms. Goulding.

Lion's Club Speak Off

VERY VERY proud of this crew! Kaitlyn, Jacob, Jonas, Sophia, Rebecca and Jenna who competed at the regional Lions Club Speak off. Good luck to Jenna who will be moving on to the next level of competition.

Thanks to the CHS Interac Club for adopting Paul from the Koala Bear Hospital in Australia, he is ours for a year! Paul was burned badly in the wildfires this past month but with our help is on the mend! BIG shout out to the Interac Club for taking this one on. They raised close to 300.00 and with the funds they also supported two different fire departments fighting the fires! #gocougars

Online Events

Parent Survey - 2020

School Development Surveys are conducted annually to gather feedback from parents to inform the school development process. We would really appreciate it if you would take a few minutes to complete the attached survey. THX

Invitation letter

Parent Survey

Cougar Cup Points - Top 3

1. Hackett - 311 points

2. Goulding - 207 points

3. Bourgeois - 189 points

4. O'Rielly - 169 points

5. Walsh - 163 Points

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