Make a Donation

Nothing is too small to notice - Allen Hershkowitz. Making a donation is a way to help others and it'll make you feel pretty good too! Donations do not have to be money. Donate used clothing, old items to the SPCA, or donate your time.

How To:

  1. Choose where you would like to make a donation. It could be in your own school (Christmas Cheer...), your community (SPCA, Blood Donor Clinic...) or another non-profit organization (Canadian Cancer Society...).

  2. Find out how you need to make your donation and what donations are needed. The organization may need monetary donations and others may need supplies. Some organizations may collect donations online and others may take in-person drop offs.

  3. Make your donation - keep in mind no donation is too small, every little bit helps!

  4. Write about your donation experience in your journal.