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In this episode Billie Wicks, Mr. Boutcher and Mr. Churchill discuss plans for the future of the podcast and discuss online teaching and learning in a pandemic. Thanks for listening!

CHS - Parent Memo

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas holiday. As you are aware, the government has announced classes will resume on January 4, 2022, as scheduled, “but in an online learning, virtual format”. There will be a further update on Thursday, with respect to classes the following week. I expect as Covid cases appear to rise we are likely to be online for much longer. I know this is an unwanted situation and disappointing news for many of us however, we have had some wonderful success in the past and our teachers and students are quite capable of excelling in the online learning environment. Once again, we will work together to support our children and make this transition to online learning as smooth as possible. The school district has developed a webpage with some wonderful resources for students and families, click here. I have written a few points below to help explain the online learning process and expectations going forward. If you have any questions please contact Jason or I and we will do our best to support you. Take care everyone.

Technology: Most of our students have access to government issued chromebooks. Your child will need a device that can connect to the internet, has speakers and a microphone. A laptop, computer, chromebook, I-pad are all suitable. A phone can be used in the short term but is not a suitable device. If you do not have a device, we do have a limited number of chromebooks at the school that your child may borrow. We will be arranging a ‘pick up’ opportunity, Tuesday afternoon. If you are in need of a device please complete the form attached here.

Student Materials: Students would have brought home most of their learning materials before Christmas break. If your child needs access to books, learning resources, Art Kits, band instruments and did not get them prior to the break, you may pick them up Tuesday morning as per the following schedule. Grade Ten Students 9:00 - 10:00, Grade Eleven Students 10:00-11:00 and Grade Twelve Students 11:00-12:00. Please remember we want to LIMIT all visitors to the building. When your child arrives please ask them to sanitize their hands, wear a mask and head directly to their locker\classroom to retrieve their materials. Wave to the office :) and exit the building as soon as possible. Please note that bussing will not be available.

On-line learning: Students are expected to attend EVERY class unless instructed otherwise by their teacher. We encourage students to log in on time and engage in their classes. Teachers will be asking students periodically to confirm that they are attending their designated online class with break out rooms, thumbs up etc. We will be following our existing seven day schedule and time slots. Tuesday, January 4th will be day 5 on their schedule. Click here to access a student schedule and the school calendar.

Tuesday’s Startup: Teachers will have regular classes on Tuesday and attendance will be taken. However, we understand that many students will struggle to get online and will not have immediate access to technology. Teachers will not introduce new material. This time will be used to share schedules/outlines, access google classrooms, and set up any instructional aids or information determined to be necessary by the teacher.

Internet Access: Previously, when students were online NLESD offered internet connecting devices to assist families who needed it. At this time however, we have not received any information and will let you know if this becomes available.

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Principal: Michael Spurrell

Asst. Principal: Jason LaneAdministrative Asst.: Nancy PhilpottDirector of Schools: Donald Perry

School phone: 466-2713

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