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Principal:  Michael Spurrell

Asst. Principal Jason Lane

The Faster Pastor

Good lunch to Olivia and her Grandfather who are competing in Targa this week.  Too bad you it doesn't count for Cougar Cup Points!  Have fun Olivia.

CougarWear is back!  

If you are interested in ordering visit the site here.   Taxes and shipping are included.  

Boys hockey team presented with the Boyle cup

Congratulations to our Boys hockey team who was honored at the rooms in St. Johns.   Last spring the team won the prestigious  Boyle cup and have their name carved in provincial hockey history.   Scroll to the 31:00 mark to see the complete story.

Lots of fun at CHS Skills Day

Clarenville High Deep Learning Team

Clarenville High Deep Learning Team  visited our local MHA Lloyd Parrott at the Confederation Building to discuss deep learning and their recent presentation in Anaheim, California .   Watch the member statement here   https://fb.watch/v/42Cwj9zpk/

 You can watch the entire California presentation by visiting the Cougar Creations link above. 

Art Submission Honored at Provincial dram Fest

Congratulations to Camryn who's painting was selected for the 2023 Drama Fest Memento.

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